Dress codes at high schools are definitely a hot-button issue recently, and when it comes to this argument, there doesn’t seem to be any grey area. Some people think that young women should be forced to cover up as much as possible. preventing young men from ogling them and causing problems. Others feel that the boys should be taught not to objectify the girls, leaving the girls to wear whatever they want. At the end of the day, there’s just one question to answer: Should we be policing what young women wear to express themselves?

The truth is, girls are getting called out far too often for how they dress, and boys just don’t have to suffer the same unfairness. Take, for example, this young woman. After 18-year-old Kaitlyn Juvik decided not to wear a bra to school, she was called down to her vice principal’s office, eventually being sent home because her lack of bra was making people “uncomfortable.” How she responded with the help of her friends sends a strong message about policing women’s bodies, and highlights a problem that’s far worse than a little bit of unrestrained boobage. See what happened in the story below.

This is Kaitlyn Juvik.

She’s 18-years-old and in high school, and she’s a pretty normal kid.

This is Kaitlyn Juvik.

Juvik got sent home from school for not wearing a bra.

In fact, she hasn’t worn one in over a year. This was the shirt she was wearing when she was sent to the office.

Juvik got sent home from school for not wearing a bra.

“If we feel it is inappropriate, male or female, we are going to ask them to cover up,” vice principal Steve Thennis said.

The vice principal inevitably sent her home.

“The problem here should not have been Kaitlyn’s attire, but the morality of the male teacher,” said Brooke. “As generations have progressed and women can now wear pants, I hope our movement will help our generation progress to equal treatment of male and female breasts and further gender equality in general.”

That's when Kaitlyn's friends had an idea. Brooke Lanier created a Facebook page called “No Bra, No Problem” in support.

One day, 300 of Kaitlyn’s female classmates went braless to show their support for her unfair treatment.

They organized a special event In a show of solidarity.

“When I left the office, I was so upset that I posted a picture of what I was wearing on Facebook, telling everyone, ‘If any of you are curious, this is the shirt I was wearing when I was called out.’ I most definitely wasn’t wearing anything against the dress code,” Kaitlyn said.

After all, she simply wasn't doing anything wrong.

They feel they are held to a much stricter standard than their male classmates.

The group hopes to send a message about how women's bodies are policed at the school.

The girls hope to change the culture around women’s dress and the attitudes towards it at the school.

They posted signs around the school to express their feelings.

Clearly, it’s discrimination that was effecting them as well.

One amazing part of this story is how her female classmates banded together to support her.

Seventeen-year-old Samuel Tinsley says he feels administration was falsely dress coding her and that telling her to cover up was an “inappropriate and immature” request.

Even some of the boys wore bras in solidarity.

“By making her change or go home to put on appropriate clothing, they’re basically saying that a boy’s education is more important than hers.”

"When I heard they were trying to impose on Kaitlyn's self expression, it really irritated me," Tinsley said.

Until men and women, even at this young age, are held to the same standards, true equality will never be possible. What do you think about this sort of wardrobe discrimination and its subsequent backlash?

It's an interesting and controversial argument, and one we're glad these girls were brave enough to take a stand on.