YouTube beauty expert Ellko is back with another crazy video.  She often debunks beauty myths, and on this version of “Fail or Holy Grail,” Ellko tests to see if the legendary “Coca-Cola Hair Rinse” is actually true.

The Coke rinse is supposed to help transform fine, straight hair into shiny, textured hair with beach curls. To typically achieve this look, most women use sea salt spray or texturizing gel, but when you run out of these products, Coke can be a great substitute.

She takes out two bottles of Coca-Cola and rinses her hair in it. Ellko then discovers that the theory is indeed true. Using Coca-Cola, you can get textured hair in no time!

“Frankly, this is something I would actually do because it’s more easier than going over your hair with a waver or braiding it the night before,” Ellko says. “And it’s cheap because it’s Coke.”

She goes on to say, “I am really impressed with the results. I really thought my hair would be the same when I wash it out.”

Would you be brave enough to try this beauty hack?