Kayden Ptak is not your average 11-year-old boy.

“My business is called Tie Dye Bros. and we specialize in athletic socks, business socks and baby onesies and dog bandannas,” he said.

You heard it right; he did say business.

One day Kayden and his dad made a pair of tie dye socks together. His dad wore them to the gym and they got a lot of attention. In fact, people wanted to buy some for themselves. That’s when he decided to go into business for himself.


The timing was just right, as a particular incentive inspired Kayden to explore the option of making a profit

“At the time we were talking about getting a new dog and we said hey if you want a new dog you’ve got to either pick up after it or buy it yourself. He said okay I’ll buy my own dog,” his father, Jeffrey Ptak, said.

And he didn’t waste any time. Kayden had success right off the bat, selling out his first time at a local farmer’s market. His father, a professional volleyball player, is on one of the teams Kayden sells to.


The prices range from 8-10 dollars; a strategy to keep up with competition.


See Kayden’s shop here.