An Alabama Taco Bell has officially fired the girl who refused to serve two police officers after learning about it from a post on Facebook.

A woman witnessed the interaction between the cashier and the officers and complained on Facebook. Tammy Bush Mayo, the wife of another deputy, was infuriated when she heard how mistreated the officers were and posted the following on her Facebook:

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 6.15.50 PM

“My husband is a Deputy Sheriff in Lee County, Alabama and tonight a Deputy on his shift went into Taco Bell in Phenix City, AL and was told that they don’t serve cops. A lady waiting for her food spoke up to say that she was about to ask for a refund because she didn’t want to eat somewhere with a cop. This really disturbs me that people have started treating law enforcement professionals in this manner when these same law enforcement professionals put their lives on the line every day to protect all people, including this woman with a very bad attitude at Taco Bell. We’re going to research this further but if this is what Taco Bell allows to happen, they have lost my business and I hope others of you will do the same.”

What’s even worse is that the cashier wasn’t alone! Another customer in line made the comment that she’d rather get a refund than eat in the company of police.

“I’m very disappointed that simply because they were uniformed law enforcement officers that our deputies were treated in such negative fashion. We pride ourselves in giving people basic respect and only ask the same in return,” Sheriff Lee Jones said in a statement. “We won’t base our opinion of Taco Bell on one employee’s negative action any more than the general public should base their opinion of law enforcement on the negative action of one officer.”

Taco Bell issued an apology to the sheriff’s department along with firing the cashier. Bigotry is not inherited, it’s chosen, and choosing to label an entire group based off the actions of one is returning racism with bigotry. Bigotry won’t beat racism, only love will.