The tallest living man in the world is Turkish farmer Sultan Kosen at 8’2.  19-year-old Broc Brown of Michigan is expected to surpass him.

Broc stands at 7 feet 8 inches tall and grows about six inches every year. He previously held a Guinness World Record title for an 18-and-under category but it no longer stands due to his age.

When Broc was in kindergarten, he was a little over 5 feet tall. In middle school, he was about 6 feet tall and then in high school, he reached 7 feet, his mother said in a video interview with The Telegraph.

Broc has a genetic disorder called Sotos Syndrome, or cerebral gigantism. This disorder affects about 1 in every 5,000 births. People living with it will experience distinctive facial changes and overgrowth. Broc has also been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD (oppositional defiant disorder), and IED (intermediate explosive disorder), all of which is not uncommon for people with Sotos Syndrome.


Meet Broc Brown of Michigan, a 19-year-old on his way to becoming the tallest man in the world.

When Broc was just 3 years old, he was twice as tall as his peers.

When Broc was just 3 years old, he was twice as tall as his peers.

In addition to the issues mentioned above, Broc also suffers from severe back pain, which experts say he’ll probably live with for the remainder of his life. He was born with one kidney so is unable to take painkillers.

Although many teens dream of being tall, there are many problems that Broc has to live with on a daily basis.

Nike originally made size 22 shoes for Shaq but Broc outgrew them a couple years ago. He now orders custom shoes from the company.

Broc Compared to Shaquille O'Neal

Broc’s mother told The Telegraph that she just hopes her son has a good life. ‘Overall he is a big softie; his heart is as big as his body,’ she said.

A Strong Suport System

Broc has to get custom fit wear to be comfortable. He also had to get a custom bed. Together his community raised $10,000 for him, which went to clothing and shoes.

A Loving Community

‘They call him a gentle giant and he has a heart as big as gold,’ his aunt Stacy Snyder added.

A Heart as Big as Gold

Despite his diagnoses, Broc is expected to live a normal life span. When his doctor informed him of the news, he was very happy.


Those who know him think he's an absolute sweetheart. We look forward to seeing Broc grow up to be the tallest man in the world and reach his goals.